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Our Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney specialize in wrongful death lawsuits, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and more.

If you have experienced any personal injury, wrongful death, or medical malpractice call our law firm today for immediate help.

Wrongful Death Lawyer Phoenix & Mesa AZ

Each wrongful death case is unique, and your lawyer will explain how the law applies to your particular situation. Statutes of limitations exist that require filing a claim within a certain time. A thoughtfully assembled group, Your Accident and Injury Team consists of private investigators, engineering and reconstruction experts, along with other technically skilled professionals. We combine an aggressive approach with knowledge derived from extensive experience and work to develop the best strategy for your case. We are committed to preparing the strongest case we can against the responsible party.

​Seeking the advice of an attorney in advance, not only relieves you of some of your burden, but also makes the legal process go more smoothly. A consultation with a personal injury lawyer at our firm is free. If you have a legitimate claim, we will represent your case on a contingency fee basis —no recovery, no fee.

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